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  • Apr 13, 1541

    fransico vazquez crosses the texas panhandal

    fransico vazquez crosses the texas panhandal
    fransico vazquez de cornado crosses the Texas panhandal in serch of in serch of one of 20 spanish exploreations of the area.
  • Period: Apr 13, 1541 to


  • el paso

    el paso
    thanks giving is held in present day el paso on April 30,1598 by juan de oniate the members of his expidition and natives of the reigon.
  • 1682

    first spani misson corpus christi de la,is established a few miles present day el paso.
  • March 19 1687

    March 19 1687
    La salle is killed bu severle of his men at an unknown east texas location.
  • 1689

    spanish gen. Alonso de leons expiditions finds the remains of fort st. louis. fearing french intintion to lay claim to spanish territory, the spanish began establishing missons and settelments in Texas.
  • 1720

    san anantio de valero misson known as the almo was the chaple is founded in san anatnio.
  • misson

    misson at san antonio are produceing thousands of pounds of cotton.
  • santa cruz misson.

    santa cruz misson.
    santa cruz de san saba misson near presnt day menard destroyed and eight resedants killed by comanchies and their allies.
  • 1718

    san anantnio de valero misson, known as the almo was the chapel,is founded near sanantnio de valero.
  • August

    About 130-men strong the gutierriz-magee Expition crossed the sabine from lousiana in a rable movement aginst spainish rule in Texas.
  • Moses austin

    Moses austin
    Moses Austin dies his son stephen F. austin recevs authority to continue the colonzing effort.
  • 1818

    A hurricane wrecks the fleet of pirate Jean Lafitte in galveston.
  • end of 1820

    end of 1820
    Jean Laffite occupied Galvston island and used it as a base for his smuggle and privateering.
  • 1826

    The Delcration of independence of the Republican of Fredonia is sighned at Nacodoches.
  • 1830

    Mexican government stops legal immigration into Texas from the united states excepted special cases Relations betwwen Anglo settlers and the mexacan government deteriorate.