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  • Mexico's struggle for independence is spain

    Mexico's struggle for independence is spain
    Father Miguel Hidalgo y Costillo and several hundred of his parishioners seize the prison in Dolores, Mexico. This began the struggle for Mexico's independence from Spain.
  • Texas's first Newspaper

    Texas's first Newspaper
    Texas's very first newspaper was named Gaceta de Texas. It was founded by Jose Alvarez de Toledo in Nacogdoches.
  • Moses Austin's Permission

    Moses Austin's Permission
    Moses Austin was granted permission to establish a colony of Anglo-Americans in the Texas area. When he died the following June, his son, Stephen F. Austin, received authority to continue the colonizing effort.
  • Moses Austin dies

    Moses Austin dies
    When Moses Austin died, his son, Stephen F. Austin, receives authority to contiue the colonizing effort.
  • Jean Laffite

    Jean Laffite
    jean Laffite occupiedGalviston Island and used it as a base fr his smuggling and priateering. Jean occcupied Galviston for about 3 years. And had gone threw alot while doing so.
  • hurricane wrecks Galviston

    hurricane wrecks Galviston
    While Jean Lafitte occupied Galviston Island, a hurricane hit. And this happened the second year he was occupying Galviston!
  • The first Anglo is born in Texas

    The first Anglo is born in Texas
    only 2 mounths after Mexico gained independence from Spain, the very first Anglo American was born in Texas. And now Mary James is known as the very first Anglo in Texas.
  • Constitution of 1824

    Constitution of 1824
    The Constitution of 1824 gave Mexico a republican form of government. but it failed to mention the rights of the states within the republic. Including Texas.
  • Mexican Government stops immigration

    Mexican Government stops immigration
    The Mexicon Government stops legal immigration into the United States except in Special cases. Ralations between Anglo settlers snd the mexican government deteriorate.
  • decloration of independce

    decloration of independce
    In March, 1836, Texas wrote something that we still use today. The Texas decloration of independence. It was adopted at Washington-on-the-Brazos.
  • 1st railroad

    1st railroad
    The first railroad actually begin operation im Texas is chartered by the state government. The Buffalo Bayou, Brazos and Colorado begins operation in 1853.
  • Reservations

    Two reservations are established for Indians in West -Central Texas. One was for the Comanches on the Clear Fork of the Brazos. And the other was for more sedentary Indian groups near Fort Belknap.
  • Southern Route

    Southern Route
    Southern Route of the Butterfeild Overland mail crosses Texas on its way between St. Louis, Mo., and the West Coast. Servise discontinued in March 1861 at the out break of the Civil War.
  • Secession Convention

    Secession Convention
    The Secession Convention approves an ordinance withdrawing Texas from Union. The action is ratified by the voters on Febuary 23 in a referendum vote. Secession is official on march 2nd.
  • Robert E. Lee

    Robert E. Lee
    Robert E. Lee is ordered to return to Washington from regimental headquarters in Fort Mason. To assume command of the Union Army. Instead, Lee resigns his commission.