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  • hurricane strikes galveston

    hurricane strikes galveston
    A hurricane struck Galveston. This wrecked the fleet of Jean Lafitte in Galveston.This happened on September 12 1818.
  • the declaration of Fredonia republic was sighned

    the declaration of Fredonia republic was sighned
    The declaration of independence of the republic of Fredonia was sighned.It was sighned at Nacogdoches.
  • fredonian Rebelion

    fredonian Rebelion
    This so called Fredonian Rebelion is an attempt by empressario Haden Edwards to seperate his colony from Mexico. The rebels fleed. THey fled when they were approached by Mexico.
  • Texas declaration of independence

    Texas declaration of independence
    Texas declaration of independence was adopted.It was adopted at Washington on the Brazos.It was adopted March 2 1836.
  • railroad construction

    railroad construction
    1851 construction begins on Texas first railroad lines.
  • lincoln is president

    lincoln is president
    Abraham Lincoln was elected president of the united states.This happened in 1860.
  • Lincoln sighns Amancipation Proclamation

    Lincoln sighns Amancipation Proclamation
    Abraham Lincoln sighned the Amancipation Proclamation.This happened in 1863. The amancipation proclamation was against slavery.
  • No more slavery

    No more slavery
    Slavery finally ends in texas. It endedin 1865.
  • No more reconstruction

    No more reconstruction
    1874 Reconstruction ends in texas
  • The great hurricane

    The great hurricane
    1900 September,8 "The Great Hurricane" strikes Galveston.It destroyed most of Galveston.It also killed 6,000 people.
  • world war 1

    world war 1
    1917 was the year that world war 1 started.It went on until 1918.
  • womens rights

    womens rights
    Texas women win the right to vote. They won the right to vote in primary elections.This happend on March 15 1918.
  • Race riot

    Race riot
    There was a race riot in Beumont. This lead to a declaration of material law. This race Riot happended on June 15 1943.
  • Lyndon beats Coke

    Lyndon beats Coke
    Lyndon B.Jhonson beats Coke Stevenson in the U.S senate race.He beat him by 87 votes. The winning margan in the disputed primary is registered in ballot box No.13 in Jim Wells county.
  • Dwight becomes president

    Dwight becomes president
    1953 was the year that Dwight D.Eisenhower became the first Texas born president of the United States of America.
  • Waco tornado

    Waco tornado
    A horrible tornado went over Waco in 1953. It killed 114 people. It injured 597 people. 150 homes and 185 buildings were destroyed.
  • Buddy Holly dies in plane crash

    Buddy Holly dies in plane crash
    1959 Buddy Holly dies in a plane crash.The crash was near clear lake Iwoa.Richie Valens and the Big Bopper died too.
  • Kennedy gets assasinated

    Kennedy gets assasinated
    Preaident Jhon F. Kennedy was assasainated. He was assasinated in Dallas.This event happened November 22 1963.
  • american on moon

    american on moon
    Ed White was a Sanantonio native. He became the first American to walk in space.
  • Neil lands on the moon

    Neil lands on the moon
    Apollo 11 landed on the moon.astronot Neil Armstrong transmits the first words from the Earth t the moon. the words were "Houston the Eagle has landed".
  • constitutional convention

    constitutional convention
    Constitutional Convention meets to attempt to write a new state constitution.However the delegates,comprising the membersip of the 63rd legislature become mired in divisive politics.So the convention adjourns on July 30 1974 without a document.
  • tornado in west Texas

    tornado in west Texas
    Several tornados kill 53 in west Texas.This included 42 in Wichata Falls. It caused 400 million dollars in damage.
  • George as president

    George as president
    1988 George Bush was elected president of the united states.
  • Seige on Febuary 28

    Seige on Febuary 28
    Seige that began on Feburary 28 ended,federal agents storm the compound called Mount Camel near Waco.This is where cult leader David Koresh and his followers,called Branch davidians had reportedly been storing a large chache of asult weapons.The assult and enusing fire killed 4 agents and 86 Davidians.
  • George is elected govenor

    George is elected govenor
    1994 George W.Bush was elected govener of Texas.