• Period: Jan 1, 1500 to


  • Apr 13, 1519

    texas coastline

    texas coastline
    spanish explorer Aloso Alverez de Pineda maps Texas coastline.
  • present day ElPaso

    present day ElPaso
    Thanksgiving is held near present day Elpaso by Juan De Onate, the members of his expedition and natives of the region.
  • jumano indian

    jumano indian
    Indians requested spanish missonaries from New Mexico to travel to the vicinity of present day San- Angelo and instruct the Jumanos Cristiananity.
  • fort saint louise

    fort saint louise
    Colinist at fort siant louise not felledby indians, disease posinous snakes and multrination
  • first east texas

    first east texas
    First East Texas mission under construction, San Francisco de le Tejas near present day Weches Houston CO. The mission is closed in 1963
  • present day Menard

    present day Menard
    Santa Cruz de San Sabe mission near present day Menard destroyed and eight sresidents killed by Commanches and their allies.
  • spanish troops

    spanish troops
  • hurricane

  • immigrants

    first of several large groups of Irish immigrantsarrived to settle in Texas.
  • mexican government

    mexican government
    mexican government stops immigration from the US except in special cases. relations between Anglo settlers and the Mexicen government.
  • mexicans surrenderd

    mexicans surrenderd
    The first boodshed of the Texas revoulution takes place at the place of Valasco, when Texas was transporting cannon.
  • james fannin

    james fannin
    About three hundred and fifty Texas prisoners, including their commander James Fannin, are exacuted at Golied by order of Sante Anna, andestimated thirty Texas escape.
  • treaties

    Santa Anna and Texas's provisional president David Burnet sighed two treaties of Valasco--one public,the other secret--ending the Texas revoulution. the treaties were however, violated by both sides. Texas' independence was not reconized by Mexico and Texas boundery was not determied until the Treaty of Guadulupe Hildago, which ended the Mexican war.
  • Sam Houston

    Sam Houston
  • Robert E Lee

    Robert E Lee
  • Butterfeild overland

    Butterfeild overland
  • declaration of independence is sighned.

    declaration of independence is sighned.
  • The Great Hurricane

    The Great Hurricane
  • first military air flight

    first military air flight
    Lt. Benjemin d. foulis makes first military air flight.
  • fair park

    fair park
  • Texas city Harbor

    Texas city Harbor
  • president John f Kennedy

    president  John f Kennedy
    President John F. Kennedy was assanated in Dallas. Vice president Lyndon B. Johnson suceeds to the office. He became the 36th president
  • the runway scrape

    the runway scrape
  • mount carmel near Waco

    mount carmel near Waco
    Siege that began on feb, 26 ended, federal agents storm the compound called Mount Carmel near Waco were cult leader David Koresh and his followers, called Branch Davidians, had reportely been storing a large cach of weapons. The assualt amd enssuring fire killed four agants and 86 branch Davidians.
  • president in 2000

    president in 2000
    President George W. Bush was elected president if the United States Of America. He did alot of good things for our country. he was a bright man.