wilmer c

  • Jan 1, 1555

    st Basils cathedral

    st Basils cathedral
    constructio begins st Basils cathedral in moscow.
  • Romanov

    The romanov dynasty of czars begins.
  • Peter the great

    Peter the great
    become czars of russia and moves the capital to St peterburg.
  • Napoleon

    Napoleon failed to atack russia.
  • Russian revolution

    Russian revolution
    russian revolution occurs.
  • Russia

    Russia becomes part of the soviet union.
  • Russias is free

    Russias is free
    russia is free from the soviet union
  • The moust important day

    The moust important day
    i was born!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Russia has elections

    Russia has elections
    Russia has their firts election.
  • Alexander ll

    Alexander ll
    frees all russians serf.