yohana C. bennesa A

  • Jan 1, 1555

    st basils cathedral

    construction begin on st basils cathedral in moscow
  • czars

    the romanov dynasty of czars begind
  • russian orthodox church

    nikon becomes head of the russian orthodox church and makes reform that lead to a religious upheaval called the great Schism
  • peter the great

    peter the great became czars of russia and later moves the capital to st peterbugs
  • napolean

    the french general napolean retreats during winter after a failed attack on russia
  • czar alexander II

    czar alexander II issues an onder freeing all russians serfs that is peasants held in servitude
  • russian revolution

    the russian revolution occurs. lenin and then stalin take power
  • soviet union

    russians becomes part of the soviet union
  • russia

    the soviet union falls and russia becomes indepent
  • vladimir putin

    the russians elect vladimir putin president