• Feb 18, 1555

    st. Basil's Cathedral

    construction begins.
  • Romanov dynasty of czars.

    czars begins
  • Russian Orthodox Church

    Nikon becomes head of the church. also makes reforms that lead to a religious unheaval called the great schism
  • Peter The Great

    he became czar of Russia and later moves the capital to St. Petersburg
  • Industrial Revolution

    swept over many Western European countries
  • during world war 1

    the Russian peoples anger exploded into revolt.
  • world war 2

    Joseph Stalin had takin over the leadership of the USSR
  • Cold War

    tension between the U.S and the Soviet Union
  • Joseph Stalin

    he lead the soviet union in the fight against the Nazi Germany
  • Fall of the Soviet Union

    leader in russia and the republics have btried to reduce the states's monopoly on economic power and return some control to private individuals and businesses