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  • The Romanov Dynasty Begins

    The Romanov Dynasty Begins
    The Romanov family ruled Russia from 1613 to 1855 and during this time, Russia became a major European power.
  • Peter The Great

    Peter The Great
    Becomes czar of Russia and later moves the capital to St. Petersburg
  • The French General Napoleon

    The French General Napoleon
    Retreats during winter after a failed attack on Russia
  • Alexander ll

    Alexander ll
    Isues an order freeing all Russian serfs, that is, peasants held in servitude
  • During World War 1

    During World War 1
    The Russian people anger exploded into revolt
  • The Russian Revolution

    The Russian Revolution
    Lenin then Stalin take power
  • Russia

    Becomes part of the Soviet Union
  • World War 2

    World War 2
    Joseph Stalin had taken over the leadership of the USSR
  • United States and Soviet Union

    United States and Soviet Union
    The tensions between them led them to conflict
  • Soviet Union

    Soviet Union
    Falls, and Russia becomes independent