My Art and Tech Timeline

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    My Art and Tech Timeline

  • First Grade

    Our classroom had a Macintosh. I remember playing the game Number Munchers.
  • Family's First Computer

    Bought at a store in West Lebonon, New Hampshire. It was an Imac and it was red. I remember playing CDs on it which I thought was pretty amazing. I had a much better understanding of computers than my parents almost right away. Neither of them used computers at work, and I had been using them in school.
  • Signed up for AOL

    First screen name was Muscleskier. My sister set up the account for me, and for the rest of the family. We used on of the free AOL CDs that use to come in the mail and give you a certain amount of minutes for free.
  • The Sims

    My sister and I become obsessed with the Sims. It took us a long time to find the game that worked with Macs. We played almost everyday after school.
  • Family's First Cell Phone

    A black LG phone, with a verizon plan. Did not get service at our house, and we still get very little. My older sister eventually took over that phone.
  • Dell Laptop

    My Family gets a Dell Laptop to take the Imacs place. We use it as a desktop because without wireless internet theres no reason to move it around.
  • Ebay

    Made my first purchase on Ebay. At the time I was into collecting Pez, so my sister and I ordered a small collection for about ten dollars. My parents were not that excited to fined out.
  • Windows Movie Maker

    My first time using Windows Movie Maker. I used it for a presentation in my Health class in Middle School.
  • Last art class

    Took my last art class in middle school. My high school did not offer many and I was not interested in the ones they did offer.
  • First personal Computer

    The cheapest Dell I could find. Needed it because I was going away to boarding school. I used it for about two years until the screen broke.
  • Xbox

    I bought a used Xbox in Burlington Vt. The hard drive still had all the previous owners music on it which I thought was cool.
  • First time using wireless and highspeed internet

    At home I only had, and still only have dial up internet, so when I went away to school I learned about highspeed and wireless internet.
  • Period: to

    Attended Green Mountain Valley School

    A private school in Waitsfield, Vt. It is a ski academy which means we would spend half the day training and half the day going to school.
  • First Cell Phone

    When I came home for Christmas break my mom surprised me with my first personal cell phone. It was a LG flip phone, and did not have a camera. Before this phone I had a use a calling card and a landline that was in my dorm at school to call home.
  • First Camcorder

    Another Christmas present. A Sony Camcorder. I was frusterated because I was unable to upload video on to my Dell.
  • Designed my classes Yearbook page

    Designed my classes Yearbook page
    We took fake mug shots of each other and created a pretty funny page. My school used an online yearbook maker so all I had to do was upload the pictures and arrange them on the page.
  • Joined
    Uploaded a few ski videos. I liked to see how many views they could get. Favoriting and commenting were also nice features.
  • Designed Yearbook cover

    Used pencil and color pencil to draw a picture for the yearbook cover at my highschool.
  • First Film Class

    A broad introduction to the histroy of film. We watch Casa Blanca and other classics. At the end of the class we made our short films. My group did a mockumentary on BigFoot. We used a cheap Sony camcorder and Imovie to edit it.
  • New Cell Phone

    When I graduated high school I was given a LG Env2 phone as a gift. First phone with video camera and full keyboard.
  • Amazon

    Started selling books on Sold almost all my books from high school.
  • Paypal and Ebay

    First time selling anything on Ebay. I set up a paypal account and the transaction was much easier than I thought it would be. I was selling old skis that I did not use anymore.
  • Starting Editing Photos

    Starting Editing Photos
    Found a simple but fun program on the old Dell from my house called Picture It 7.0 and started playing around with photos.
  • Period: to

    Middlebury College

  • Began taking TV and American Cutlure class

    My first college FMMC class. I had taken a film class in high school so it was not my first film class ever.
  • Unlimited texting

    For the first time in my life I live in a place with good service and because of that I send too many text messages and have to get an unlimited text plan.
  • Began taking Aesthetics of the Moving Image