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    Faith's Timeline

  • Faith's First Birthday

    Faith's  First Birthday
    My first birthday and my very own cake. I had a pool party with all my family!
  • Faith's 2nd Birthday

    Faith's 2nd Birthday
    I got my first shopping cart for my 2nd birthday and love to shop ever since!! I had curly hair once and I still have my shopping cart in my closet!
  • Faith's 3rd Birthday

    Faith's 3rd Birthday
    I went to St. Augustine and rode the Merry-go-round on my third birthday.
  • Faith meets Dora!

    Faith meets Dora!
    This was my first trip to Disney World meeting Dora! I met Sponge Bob too. We had breakfast together!
  • Faith's 4th Birthday

    Faith's 4th Birthday
    I went to Libby-Lu for my birthday- We dressed up and danced. We did the chicken dance.
  • My first dance recital

    My first dance recital
    I had a special guest at my dance recital. Mrs. Stresenruter!!
  • Faith catches her first fish

    Faith catches her first fish
    We were in Homassa Springs Florida for Father's Day. I caught my first catfish all by myself!
  • Faith's first day of Kindergarten

    Faith's first day of Kindergarten
    I was so nervous my first day of school. I met so many new friends that I still have in my class this year.
  • Faith's 5th Birthday

    Faith's 5th Birthday
    I had a build-a-bear birthday! We had a blast building those animals!
  • Faith's 6th Birthday

    Faith's 6th Birthday
    I had a luau for my 6th birthday. We did the limbo!!
  • My First Doggy

    My First Doggy
    My mom and dad suprised my sister and me with our first dog! We named him Bandit. I love him so much.
  • Faith's 7th Birthday

    Faith's 7th Birthday
    I got a limo for my birthday and we went to Claire's to get my ears pierced and have a sleepover! I had the best time ever!
  • My ears finally got pierced!

    My ears finally got pierced!
    I finally got to get my ears pierced! I waited so long! I was scared at first but it only lasted a second.