Texas Resolution Time Line<33

By bhesson
  • Battle of Gonzalez

    Battle of Gonzalez
    Mexican citizens who wanted the Constitution of 1824 restored to the country threatened the Mexican government. They told the Mexican government that they wanted the constitution restored and if the denied it a war would start. So they took the cannons from them and buried it. When it was finished they made a sign that said "Come and Take It"
  • March of the Mexican Army

    March of the Mexican Army
    The Mexican army wanted to attack the Texans, so they did attack them. These people were prepared for a war against the Texans or whatever was to come.
  • Constitution of 1835

    It served as a government for Mexican Texas and it was also the start of the convention. But before that the Texans fought in the battle of Gonzales.
  • Declaration of 1835

    It was a declaration of independence of Texas from Mexico. It was adopted at the convention of 1836.
  • Surrender of the Mexican forces of San Antonio

    Forces in San Antonio for the Mexican Government surrender to the Texans. The texans were happy at this and felt accomplished.
  • Texans attack of San antonio

    The Texans were mad at Santa Anna for not using the declaration of 1834. So they marched over there to demand him so restore it.
  • The declaration of Independance

    The declaration of Independance
    It was an important part of Texas. This was to restore the declaration of 1834.
  • Seige of the Alamo

    Seige of the Alamo
    It lasted until March 6, 1836 this was when the war started and all the arguments happened. This was when Texans dissigreed with the Mexican Government and Santa Anta. He wanted the alamo back and Texans said no.
  • Constitution of 1836

    Constitution of 1836
    It was written between the fall of the alamo. It was written fast but the meaning to it meant alot to the Texans.
  • Battle of the alamo

    Battle of the alamo
    This was a great battle with determined and willing Texans to die for their country. The general of the Alamo was William B. Travis and had to beg people in Goliad to help them fight the war. This was the best war to me because the people were so determined and knew they would die for their country.
  • Battle of Refugio/Coleto (Goliad M)

    Battle of Refugio/Coleto (Goliad M)
    The battle was fought from Mar. 12- Mar. 17 and happened near refugio, Tx. The battle, part of the Goliad Campaign of the Tx resouloution.
  • Swearing in of the Texas government officials.

    Swearing in of the Texas government officials.
    Some Texans wanted a government for Texas so the swore in important leaders of Texas people.
  • Runaway scrape.

    Runaway scrape.
    When Texas threatened the Mexican government the texans were afriad that they would attack them.