Texas Revolution Timeline

By hwarren
  • Battle of Gonzales

    The Battle of Gonzales is the first battle of the revolution. At first the Texans buried the cannon in an orchird, then unburied it for the battle. The cannon had a flag that said,"Come and Take It." The Texans fired the first shot and the Texans won.
  • March of the Mexican Army

    Santa Anna comes into San Antonio because he gave up at the Rebellion.
  • Consulation of 1835

    The delegates met in San Felipe to talk about if they should get along with Mexico or not.The delegates also talked about the Mexican government.They wanted to redo the Consitution of 1824.
  • Declaration of 1835

    The Declaration of 1835 divides Texas and Mexico to be a Republic of Texas.
  • Surrender of Mexican forces in San Antonio

    General Cos sent out a truce to the Texans. Then, Texas got all public land and weapons in San Antonio.
  • Siege of the Alamo

    Santa Anna brung along 2,000 troops to the Alamo. Texas did not have enough men to fight. Travis writes to Fannin saying he needs help, and more men; and he will not surrender even if he doesn't send help.
  • Texas declaration of independence

    The delegates planned a meeting known as the Convention of 1836, it was made up of 5 delegates.
  • Battle of the Alamo

    Santa Anna against texans..... everyone dies
  • Swearing in of the Texas government officials

    Stephen F. Austin, Branch Archer, and William H. Warton were elected to be commisoners
  • Battle of Refugio/Coleto (Goliad Massacre)

    Santa Anna brought about 5,000 men to San Antonio. Fannin and 350 other men found them trapped. Texans hung a white flag becuz they surrendered.
  • Runaway Scrape

    The Runaway Scrape was where fear was among Texans. The colonists got some abandoned homes. Many died of sickness and starvation.