Chopin is Rockin'

  • Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday!
    Today was the day I was born. The city I was born in was Zelazowa Wola. (CC)Agnieszka Baranowski
  • Period: to

    Fryderyk Chopin

  • Piano Lessons

    Piano Lessons
    I was six years old when I first started my piano lessons. My instructor was Wojciech Zywny. His teaching was based on Bach and Mozart. (CC) Alexanderward12
  • Class Change

    Class Change
    My studies with Zywny have come to an end, it was time to begin private composition lessons with Josef Elsner.
  • First Day of School

    First Day of School
    Today's the day that I start school. I went to the Warsaw Lyceum in Poland to study under a number of courses. The main courses I studied under were classical literature, drawing, singing, and musical theory and harmony.
    (CC) Lucianvenutian
  • School's come and gone. Graduation day.

    School's come and gone. Graduation day.
    After a few years in the Lyceum, my studies had finally come to an end. I completed everything I was to learn at my school, and I moved on in life. (CC) Lucianvenutian
  • My first Concerto!!

    My first Concerto!!
    Today was a big day for me. I performed a concerto in F minor for my friends and family. Accompanying me was a small orchestra as I played the piano. (CC)Alexanderward12
  • My second performance, but first premiere

    My second performance, but first premiere
    Today I made my first premiere in the Warsaw's National Theater. It was here that I, seven months later performed a concerto in E Minor. (CC) Pawel Kabanski
  • Paris, here I come

    Paris, here I come
    This was it, my first performance in Paris. We were at the Salle Pylel playing the concerto in E Minor. I was accompanied by other artists, which include Hiller, Osborne, and Stamaty. (CC) D'N'C
  • The Completion

    The Completion
    Today, I finished the Andante Spianato, Grande Polonaise Brillante, and Schertzo No.1 I also started preparing some other compositions to be brought to the public. (CC) Kc~Karen
  • My Rest in Peace

    My Rest in Peace
    At two o clock after midnight, I was laid to rest. My life had been successful, and I had written many Compositions. Music was everything. (CC) Agnieszka Baranowski