To kill a mockingbird

By humata
  • Dill arrives in Maycomb

  • Period: to


  • Accused rape of Mayella Ewell commited by Tom Robinson

  • Dill leaves Maycomb

  • Scout starts school

  • Finds the knothole with items

  • Dill visits Maycomb

  • Atticus finds out about the kids and schemes about Boo Radley

  • Dill leaves Maycomb

  • Boo Radley leaves his house

  • The Finches celebrate Christmas at Uncle Jack

  • Jem starts reading for Mrs. Dubose as punishment by Atticus

  • Jem stops reading for Mrs. Dubose

  • Aunt Alexandra visits Maycomb

  • The Tom Robinson case is started

  • Dill arrives Maycomb

  • Tom Robinson dies while attempting escape from prison

  • Tom Robinson case closed

  • Boo Radley kills Bob Ewell

  • Aunt Alexandra departs from Maycomb

  • Mrs. Dubose dies, partly of her morphine addiction.