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American Decades Project Due Dates

  • Project begins

    Nov. 23 - 24 your will use print resources to locate 50 facts from your decade and topic. This activity will help you build background knowledge. You will then narrow the list to 10 research topics for futher exploration. Be sure to include the title of the source and the page number on the fact sheet so you can find it later, if needed.
  • Period: to

    American Decades Project

  • DUE TODAY 50 Facts sheet and Inspirations web to Ms. Tuholski

    DUE TODAY 50 Facts sheet and Inspirations web to Ms. Tuholski
    From your 50 facts list choose 10 topics that you want to research in greater detail. Example: I have 3 facts about the Battle of the Bulge - I would choose Battle of the Bulge as 1 topic. You will use Inspirations software to create a web - Decade/Topic will go in the center, the 10 sub-topics will be next, for each sub-topic write 5 sentences beginning with who, what, when, where, why or how describing what you hope to learn.
  • Sources, searching, website evaluation

    We will talk about sources, searching tips, evaluation of websites, and creating source sheets. You will begin your search for information
  • Set up NoodleTools and enter source information

    Based on your searching from yesterday and today, you will begin to enter source information into NoodleTools.
  • DUE Preliminary list of sources, begin note taking

    You will turn in a preliminary Works Cited to Mrs. McGriff. You will begin taking notes in NoodleTools.
  • DUE - notes in NoodleTools

    Notes will be graded by Mrs. Hagenow and Mrs. McGriff.
  • Source and notes correction day

    Today you will correct source information and notes.
  • Due today PowerPoint plan sheets

    Due today PowerPoint plan sheets
    Sample PowerPoint Plan SheetsToday your will begin to create your PowerPoint planning sheets. No one will begin working on PowerPoint without completed plan sheets.
  • PowerPoint creation

    You will have 3 days to create your PowerPoint.
  • Presentations begin

    Presentations on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. You MUST be prepared when called on.