Child Development

By dya1102
  • Conception

  • 8 week fetus

    8 week fetus
    Developes finger toes, ears, eyes, nose, a mouth, a heart and a circulatory system.
  • Birth

    Rooting is a reflex are born with this.
  • Two month Old

    Two month Old
    They perferr pictures of human face to any other pictures, such as newsprint, a bulls-eye, or colored disks without patterns.
  • 5 months

    5 months
    attachment to mother. has double their birth wieght. patterns begin to matter. (depth perception)
  • Crawls

    9 month old
    Stranger anxiety starts to happen. they start to develope fear to stranger.
  • Sensorimotor Stage

    Sensorimotor Stage
    birth to 1 year old infants begin to understand that there is a relationship between thier physical movements and the results they sense and perceive.
  • Stands

    1 year 1 month old
  • Walks

    1 year 3months
  • Preoperational Stage

    Preoperational Stage
    when children begin to use words and symbols to repersent objects.
  • Conservation

    Key properties of substances, such as their wieght, volume, and number, stay the same even if thier shape or arrangement are changed.
  • Egocentrism

    The inability to see another persons point of view.
  • Concrete-operational Stage

    Concrete-operational Stage
    Children begin to show signs of adut thinking.
  • Formal-Operational Stage

    Formal-Operational Stage
    Puberty and represants cognitive maturity.
  • self esteem

    self esteem
    12-13 year old gain comptence as they gro older.