By bbta408
  • Grandapa's birthdate

    Day my grandfather was born
  • Dad moved to U.S

    My Dad moved to the U.S this day
  • Mom moved to U.S

    My mom moved to the U.S this day.
  • Birthdate event 1

    the day i was born
  • Baptism event 2

    Day I was baptised
  • First Crawled event 3

    Day I first starting crawling
  • First tooth event 4

    Day I got first tooth(really did happen in january)
  • First walked event 5

    Day I first started walking
  • First word event 6

    Day I said my first word
  • First day of school event 7

    First day of kindergarden
  • First learned reading event 8

    First time I learned how to read in kindergarden
  • Lost first tooth event 9

    Day i lost my first tooth(really did happen in January)
  • Bicycle learning event 10

    Day I first learned how to ride a bicycle(with training wheels)
  • Piano learning event 11

    Day I first learned piano from my aunt in Flordia
  • Cursive learning event 12

    Day I first learned cursive
  • Holy communion event 13

    First holy communion
  • Aquarium event 14

    Day I first went went to aquarium
  • Moving event 15

    Day I moved to Grand Prairie
  • Japanese anime event 16

    I first started watching jap. anime this day
  • First met Vy event 17

    I first met Vy(best friend) this day
  • Meeting Michelle D. event 18

    I first met Michelle D.(best friend)(not my sister) this day.
  • Graduation event 19

    Day I graduated from elementary school
  • Barnett event 20

    Day I first attended Barnett Jr. High