• Singin tha treaty of paris

    ratified by the Congress of the Confederation .
    Because of this it formally ended the American Revolutionary War .
    The treaty document was signed at the Hôtel d'York
  • matthew perry sails fleet to Japan

  • Queen Liluokalani becoms queen of hawaii

    Liliuokalanie was adopted at birth.
    Liliokalanie married a ha'ole, John Owen Dominis
    Dominis died shortly after she assumed the throne
  • William Seward buys Alaska

    historically also referred to as Seward's Folly.
    alaska was admitted to the Union in 1959.
    Russia was in a difficult financial position
  • USS Main blown up

    a 19th-century ship .
  • William McKinly declares war on Spain

    Cuba, a Spanish colony, had been in rebellion since 1895.
  • William McKinley proclaims Hawaii an offical state

    President Benjamin Harrison submitted a treaty to annex the Hawaiian islands
    In 1897, the treaty effort was blocked.
    On July 12, 1898, the Joint Resolution passed and the Hawaiian islands were officially annexed by the United States.
  • rossevelt corraley

    admendment to the monroe doctrin
    responds to the threat of european powers
    address issues in the carriben and central america
  • roosevelt sends great white fleet across the world.

    There where 14,000 sailors and marines abord the ship.
    the first 'round-the-world cruise by a fleet of steam-powered, steel battleships.
    Roosevelt stressed the upgrading and expansion of the US flee
  • woodeo willson wins presidency

    woodro willison defeted taft and roosevelt
    roosevelt ran as progressave party cannidate
    willson ran as a democrat
  • T.R. & Rough changes Jun Hill

    He is well remembered for his energetic persona.
    Roosevelt became president at the age of 42.
    Roosevelt declined to run for re-election in 1908.