Zohour's practise timeline

Timeline created by g5a
  • When I was born

  • When I started to walk

  • when I started school

  • When I turned 5

    They brought me a huge cake and very heavy they had to get 3 men just to cary it. It almost fell from the table and it was bigger than the table.
  • When I went to Wallibi

    It is a fun fair and there are lots of games and toys and we had so much fun there.We also got lots of suvaneres that were very cool. there were key-chanes,sunglasses,and even toys.
  • When I learned how to ski

    It was very fun but also very skary.The best place to ski is on the Iglee mountain thats what I think.
  • When I turned a 2 digit number

  • My best sumer party

    It was so much fun but some of my friends did not come. We had our dinner of the party in a new restaurant.
  • Right now when I am in grade 5.