important things in the 19th and 20th centuries

  • the first revolver was invented

    Samuel Colt invented the first revolver.
  • Steam-powered engine*

    In 1804 Richard Trevithick, an English mining engineer, developed the first steam-powered locomotive. the steam-powered engine that later led the way to the locomotive.
  • stethescope

    René Laënnec invents the stethoscope. the stethoscope is a very useful instrument that enables one to hear the heart.
  • typewriter

    American, W.A. Burt invents a typewriter. The type writer has reestablished the way we communicate.
  • Sewing machine invented

    Frenchmen, Barthelemy Thimonnier invents a sewing machine.
    The sewing machine has industrialised the way our clothing is made.
  • moarse code

    in 1838 Samuel morse invented the morse code. The morse code helped us in wwl it helped us communicate without the chance of the message being intercepted
  • washing machine*

    in 1858 the washing machine was invented by Hamiliton Smith. The washing machine is one of the best and most used inventions today. Without it are lives would be harder.
  • dynamite*

    in 1866 Alfred Nobel invented dynamite. Dynamite was originally used to help blow up parts of mountains and other things like that. Sadly though his great invention led to many other bad inventions which cause great harm.
  • Air conditioning*

    In 1902 Willis Carrier invents the air conditioner. The air condition is the real man's best friend at least to those who live in the south.
  • airplane*

    The Wright brothers invent the first gas motored and manned airplane. The airplane is a big part of todays soceity it helps us deliver and supplies and people.
  • corn flakes *

    William Kellogg invents Cornflakes. corn flakes are a delicious breakfast cereal that tastes GREAT!!!