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WickeDeli history

  • Herta introduces "German Breakfast" to an American girl.

    Herta introduces "German Breakfast" to an American girl.
    The first time Tatiana ever experienced eating meats, breads and cheeses for breakfast was when she met Herta (Chris' mom). It was soon after that we started referring to this meal as "German Breakfast", which later evolved into the "German Platter" which we have on our menu today.
  • Where did we get this creative idea?

    Where did we get this creative idea?
    On a weekend trip to Fredericksburg - an historic German-influenced, small town in Central Texas - we discovered that no one was offering (and therefore able to satisfy our craving for) "German Breakfast". On our last night, we relaxed at Lincoln St. (a local wine & cigar bar) and sketched out our original ideas on a borrowed piece of paper while sitting outside on the porch and listening to a local folk singer.
  • WickeDeli's wings: Project New

    WickeDeli's wings: Project New
    Over the next year-and-a-half we kept coming back to this "German Breakfast" idea - and the more we talked about it, the more we realized we had a unique offering (for America) and something we wanted to share with others. We wanted to make sure we knew all the components of creating, owning and running a small business before we changed our lives (and lifestyles!) so we attended Project New (
  • From Platter to Deli

    From Platter to Deli
    While learning about how to create and run a business, we solidified details on our offerings. We realized that our main offering of meat, bread and cheese could easily become a sandwich; we knew we wanted fresh baked breads; we knew we wanted to offer German grocery items to further focus on Chris' German heritage...and so we created the deli / grocery concept.
  • Our name

    Our name
    While conducting market research (which means you get to eat a lot of sandwiches at a lot of different places), we met up with our friends Lori & Justin. As we ate and evaluated our 'market research', we subsequently discussed our plans for the deli, and Lori revealed what she thought would be a perfect name. We agreed!
  • Goodbye corporate world

    Goodbye corporate world
    Tatiana resigns from a 12-year career in Human Resources. It is a bittersweet goodbye (but mostly sweet) - as we get ready for a very different and exciting chapter in our lives.
  • Blank canvas

    Blank canvas
    We started with just an idea and after many hours of preparation, we begin building the foundation for our business. Many, many hours are ahead of us to research, outline, review, re-review and make final decisions on every detail of WickeDeli!
  • BRANDWISE to create WickeDeli's logo

    BRANDWISE to create WickeDeli's logo
    BRANDWISE has just what we have been looking for to create a dynamic, personalized logo that will bring WickeDeli to life!
  • Logo is complete

    Logo is complete
    After three years from the original concept, a logo is created to personify our vision. Welcome to WickeDeli!
  • Trademark filed

    Trademark filed
    Paperwork filed to register the WickeDeli name and logo. BIG step (and lots of waiting ahead before it is official).
  • German Potato Salad recipe finalized

    German Potato Salad recipe finalized
    This is a milestone indeed. I mean, what kind of German place are you running if you don't have a German Potato Salad that rocks your world!? Good thing we know what we are doing in this particular area.