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  • Classic Run 2010

    Classic Run 2010
    The Classic Run 2010 will follow a route through Tamil Nadu in South-eastern India. With your intrepid team of challengers, you will pilot a 7-stage course that will take you on journey of over 1,000 kilometres (roughly 590 miles).
  • Budapest Chernobyl Run

    Budapest Chernobyl Run
    Welcome to the Budapest-Chernobyl Run! This unique event sets out to explore the enigma and exoticness of Eastern Europe. Though Europe has made its way onto the global scene as a world power, Eastern Europe has retained its own character and culture, which still lays relatively untouched by the Western world. The Budapest-Chernobyl Run is for the adventuresome, for those who desire an authentic getaway, and for those who understand that the easy route yields no great reward.
  • Trans Sahara Rally

    Trans Sahara Rally
    This is a journey that breaks all the moulds. It’s about sweat, grit, adrenaline, and raw, uncut adventure. It takes you to places you have never even heard of, let alone imagined you would one day visit! We will trek across northern Africa, starting in Tunisia and not stopping until we reach Benin, 18 gruelling but unforgettable days later. And here’s the best part – we get involved in local schools and charities along the way, so you can have fun and help some people out at the same time.
  • Malabar Rampage

    Malabar Rampage
    The MALABAR RAMPAGE 2010 will follow an extensive route deep into the heart of South India, exploring the Dravidian states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. An extraordinary 15-stage course that will take you over 2000 kilometers (roughly 1200 miles) through some of the most exotic and scenic places imaginable, from bustling metropolises to incredible beaches, an epic course that will inspire and challenge you.
  • Mumbai Xpress

    Mumbai Xpress
    The MUMBAI XPRESS 2010 will follow an extensive route through the four states of India – Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Goa, and Maharashtra. With a dauntless army of fellow adventurers, you will follow a 13-stage course that will take you over 1900 kilometers (roughly 1180 miles). Your auto rickshaw will cut through hills, valleys and beaches, cruising thought the most exotic and scenic places in the whole Indian countryside.
  • Tech Raid

    Tech Raid
    The TECH RAID 2010 is a unique mash-up that combines both technological and cultural exploration. A 6-stage course that will take you over 1,000 kilometers (roughly 590 miles) through some of the most high-tech cities in the Indian subcontinent. Along the way, you will face a number of challenges, including several unique tech-oriented challenges and competitions. It’s an extraordinary and unique way to explore India’s unique blend of modern technology and raw culture.