My Life

By gibbly
  • Born

  • First time at McDonalds

    I will never forget my first time going to McDonalds. The 4 fries I had were warm and delicious. The soda was as cold as the freezer they came in. YUMMY!!! I was so full. I will never forget the first time going to McDonalds.
  • Sister born

  • Got an awesome dog

    My dog is awsome. We got her because she follwoed us around so we got her.
  • First day of preschool

    First day  of preschool
  • First Packer Game

    First Packer Game
    Me and my brother Ryan were really excited to go to your first Packer Game. We got some hamburgers and I ate it even though I didn’t like it. We kept begging our dad to leave so we left halfway through. The Packers still won though. I will never forget my first Packer game.
  • Moved to a new home

  • Got lost while canoeing

    Canoeing Adventure
    Being lost while canoeing for 5 1/2 hours while my mom is screaming at me isn’t fun. On my 9th Birthday my whole family went canoeing for the first time. We started canoeing but we were a little bit slower than the rest of the group and after 2 hours we lost them. After 5 hours we were sure we were lost so we asked we asked a guy sleeping on a rock in the middle of the river if he saw any one else came through here and he said no. Finally we found the end of the river.
  • First time on an ariplane

  • Met Larry McCarren