Sarah's timeline

  • When I was born

    When I was born
  • 1st cat Pepper

    She was a little black cat that came up to our door. So we adopped her! She still lives at my dads house.
  • Chicago

    In March of 2003 my family went to Chicago. We went to the field museum and saw a dinosaur skeleton. It was huge. Than we went to the shed aquarium. There was sharks, turtles, stingrays, and of course fish. We went shopping and I got a fuzzy turtle! All in all it was a cool trip.
  • Disney World 1st Time

  • Broke My Wrist

    Broke My Wrist
  • Moved Schools

    Moved Schools
    My old school closed so I had to move to Sunnyside elementry!
  • Disney World 2nd Time

  • Cedar Point

  • My 2nd Cat

    My 2nd Cat
    I wanted another cat since Pepper was a outdoor cat and when I saw the free kitten sign I knew I was going to get one.
  • Moms house

    My parent s got divorced so I had to move some of my stuff to my moms house.
  • Moved Schools

  • First stay-up-all-night-sleepover

  • My third cat Tuna Fish

  • First baby sitting job

  • Golden Birthday

  • Went to Disney World 3rd time

    Went to Disney World 3rd time
    I went to Disney world June 5- 11 and had a blast. First we stayed at an awesome hotel. It had a big pool and eating area. Next we went to the parks the first night we stayed until closing which was 1:00 am! My favorite ride was tower terror. We went on it like 15 times! In conclusion Disney World was awesome.
  • Went to 6 flags

    Went to 6 flags
    I went to six flags late last August. Superman was my favorite ride. On one of the rides I got a minor concussion. My brother won a fuzzy pink ducky for me. All and all that was the best and worst day of my life.
  • PCMS

    Middle School finally!