• Marxists Revolutionaries Split

    Marxists revolutionaries diagree over revolutionary tactics. The more radical Bolsheviks are ready to risk everything. The charismatic Vladimir Lenin becomes the leader.
  • Russia and Japan Dispute

    Russia and Japan made an agreement over the control of Korea and Manchuria. Russia broke rules of agreement and Japan attacked at Russia port, Port Arthur.
  • Petition at Winter Palace

    Two-hundred thousand workers and families approached czar's Winter Palace with a petition for better working conditions, more personal freedom, and the ability to elect a national legislature. The petitioning turned into "Bloody Sunday" because soldiers shot into the crowd and wounded a thousand with hundreds more killed.
  • Duma

    Russia's first parliament met, but the parliament, or Duma. Although, the Duma was dissoled in ten weeks.
  • Russia Pulled into the War

    Russia was pulled into the war while being very unprepared. In less than a year four million soldiers were either killed, wounded, or taken prisoner.
  • Textile Worker Strike

    Women textile workers led citywide strike. In the next five days shortages of bread and fuel rose many problems,
  • Storming of the Winter Palace

    Armed factory workers stormed the Winter Palace. They took over government offices and arrested leaders of the provisional government.
  • Treaty of Brest-Litovsk

    Russia and Germany signed the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk. Russia surrendered parts of their territory to different countries.
  • Building the White Army

    Some Western nationalists sent military aid and forces to Russia. This helped Russia build the White Army.
  • The New Economic Policy

    Lenin resorted to the New Economic Policy, a small-scaled version of capitalism that let peasants sell surplus of crops andgave the government of major industries.
  • December 1 1922, USSR

    A country was named the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. It was named in honor of the councils that helped launch the Bolshevick Revolution.