1st Year Of Child Development

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  • Reflex - Startle (Moro)

    A newborn reacts to the sensation of falling.
  • Reflex - Fencing (Tonic Neck)

    Place the newborn on it's stomach with it's head turned to the right. The limbs on the right side will straighten and the limbs on the left will curl. This goes for whatever side the head is turned to.
  • Reflex - Rooting

    When the infant turns where it's been touched.
  • Perceptual - Scanning

    A baby will scan it's surroundings until it reaches the edge of something and it's eyes will follow along the edge.
  • Perceptual - Auditory

    At 2 months of age, babies can distinguish phonemes.
  • Physical - Lift Their Head

    Babies can begin to lift their head on their own at this point.
  • Physical - Smile

    At 4 months old, babies can begin to smile because they're feeling happy, rather than just smiling because, well because.
  • Physical - Sit with support

    At 4 months, babies can start sitting with some sort of support to hold them up.
  • Physical - Grasp Objects

    At 5-6 months old, babies begin to gain the physical capacity to grasp an object when it's in their hands.
  • Language - Cooing sounds

    At 6 months, babies start making cooing, almost african-like noises.
  • Physical - Crawling

    At 8-10 months, babies can begin to crawl around as their legs grow stronger to move them around.
  • Physical - Walk holding onto furniture

    At 9 months old, babies can walk around holding onto furniture.
  • Language - First Word

    Self explanatory - at a year old, babies can say their first word.
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    Child Development