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In History
  • Mexicos independane

    Mexico became independant from Spanish rule.
  • Stephen F. Austin

    Stephen F. Austin created a new colony in the lower colorado river.
  • battle at the alamo

    The rebels hoped to stall the larger Mexivan army for two weeks until March 6, 1836
  • texas indepenance

    Texas declared their idependance from Mexico.
  • the battle of San Jacinto

    Texans captured Santa Anna and forced him to sign a treaty to give Texas its independence.
  • conflict breaks out

    President Polk ordered General Zachary Taylor to lead an army into the disputed region
  • bear flag revolt

    American settlers in California declared the territory an independent republic.
  • war

    Amercan congress declares war on Mexico
  • end of the war

    Mexico City fell, and Santa Anna soon left the country.
  • new territory