• Sophia Joy was born!

    I was born June 17th 1991 In albuquerque New Mexico to pam and carlos montano. i was 7lbs 12 oz. My sisters were five and seven and were very excited!
  • Socilization- Bill clinton was eletced president

    A drastic party switch, from going to republican to democrat. He eliminated the national deficit, and many people were happy with a new president.
  • Conformityand social patterns- Started ballet

    When i was three i started ballet classes. this set the patter for how i am. I am not athletic because i was in for the next 7 years. I wanted to do it because my sisters did ballet it ended up setting up the rest of my athletic life
  • Social instution- Started pre-school

    My first social experience with large groups of people was when i went to pre-school. My next door nieghbor was the teacher at a lutheran preschool and so my parents thought i should go to make friends and so i woudnt be so bored at home all day! i learned to make friends be outgoing and how to share.
  • Cultural Assimilation- Moved to Littleton CO

    I was excited to move to colorado, it was alot greener and the mountains were huge! there was a park right by my house, and i remember being excited about that. After a while, i hated going to school. And even later i noticed alot of personality differences from the kids in new mexico and the kids in littleton. i was more like the kids in Albuquerque and i tried hard to fit in with the kids in Littleton.
  • Crime and Juvenile delinquence- Columbine Shootings

    columbine was the closest thing to me that was a crime. It was a crim ethat happened in a school. so that directly effected me, since i was in school at the time and would be for the next 9 years. It made me weary of going to high school because you never know what could happen in your own highschool.
  • Agents of Socilization- George W. Bush Elected president

    It shaped our nation with a one sided belief, and our country was run by a new president. It was diferent from the president before Since the last president was a democrat. He took us to war. Not many people liked that.
  • social control- September 11th 2001

    The 911 attacks were a way the Al Queida could enforce social control over americans causing terror and sadness. we came together to try and overcome the control they were trying to instill over us.
  • Social patterns- Started Middle School

    Starting middleschool was a huge part on my life. it definately changed it. I am not proud of the fact i went a little crazy then in middleschool, but i learned early important things about life. It definately made me realize alot about myself on account of the fact i was trying to grow up so fast, and handle things that was way past my maturity level.
  • Culture- Hurricane katrina

    One of the five deadliest hurricanes hit New orleans. It killed almost 2000 people and had 100 billion dollars in damage. to this day we are still trying to repair the damage from that unfortumate event. It brought people together through pain and damage, but Americans managed to fix the damage and live life again after the hurricane.
  • Cultural Universals- my niece Deegan Joy is Born

    My first niece was born on febuary 21, 2006. She changed alot in my life, taught me a ton about raising a child, since she was always around. it was great to learn responsibility and brought my family closer together.
  • White collar crime- Martha Stuart goes to jail for insider trading.

    Martha stuart took her stockout of her friends cancer drug, after he told her it was about to get rejected. so she took all her money out just in time so that she didnt lose any money and that is illegal! she spent five months in prison in 2006
  • Working Class- Got my first job ( that wasnt from my parents)

    My first job was working at The Painted Platter- a do it yourself pottery painting studio. I learned alot about the workplace and how i fit in the workplace. I realized i am pretty lazy and that is not good.
  • Deviance and crime- Got Mipped :[

    This was my first encounter with the law, and it proved to be the worst. It was horrible thing to get so young, and the laws way of controlling me by giving me an mip, has made me scared to get another one! i definately lost the urge to party. so the law did its job, haha.
  • Self reliance- Graduate from high school!!

    all of the last 12 years of my school ife are finally done- and a new chapter will be opening. Everything i have done in school is trying to get me to this point, and i have finally succeeded.