By Soc1Sar
  • I am born/ Id

    Can't remeber much... pretty sure it was important though. Only Id is present at this time.
  • Socialization begins 1st family gathering

    I am a year old when at my first large family gathering most of my primary socialization begins here.
  • Taboo/ Language

    I start learning more words and I find out that some of them are words you are not really supposed to say.
  • Ego and super Ego/I turn 3

    Ego and Super ego begin to present themselves because I am starting to understand right from wrong. laerning to balence the Id and the Ego
  • Iowa Family/ Agents of socialization

    First family trip to Iowa to visit my Mom's side of the family that I can remeber. This is where I first remeber meeting the only cousin I have that is close to my age. this is important because she's one of my best friends now.
  • Personality

    I begin to develop a personality :D
  • Kindergarden/Social Institutions

    First time being in an organized classroom. Begining of a more formal education, and more interaction with peers.
  • Move away from Glenwood/ 5 basic needs

    To be closer to my dad's family we moved down from the mountians to Littleton. At first I was excited, then I realized I liked the mountians better and wanted to go back. In addition to being closer to family the options for housing and their affordablility where better for our family here.
  • Bitten by my Dog

    Well this wasn't fun. I walked past my dog while she was eating and she truned around and grabed my hand. oddly enough I was more upset at the fact we had to get rid of the dog then that fact that I had to go to the doctor for the bites. P.s the antibiotics they gave me to fight possible infection where gross :P
  • Status Working class to Middle class

    My family gets closer to middle class status as we remain in Littleton and cost of living is lower.
  • Agricultural Revolution

    My own personal agricultural revolution was when my Mom decided that my sister and I needed to learn how to grow things(and keep them alive) in gardens. This trend continued every summer untill 2007
  • White collar crime/ Enron

    Enron commited acounting fraud, and they got caught. as a result they where soon forced to file for bankruptcy protection.
  • Paitriotism/ 9/11

    Attacks on the world trade center. I along with most people felt very patriotic at this time.
  • Social institutions/ Dad's Cancer

    When my dad got Lukemia I was angry for the first time at God and the religion that I had grown up trusting and believing in. I didn't like being a part of this social institution again for a long time.
  • Start middleschool/ Assimilation

    I felt a lot of pressure to assimilate to the culture of my peers in muddleschool because if you didn't they made life a lot harder for you.
  • Subculture

    My family becomes involved in the psychic subculture. Mom starts reading tarrot cards,and using crystals, Dad medditates. We have friends who own a metaphysics/crystal/book store. My sister and I beging practicing active intuition.
  • Social interactions/Start youth group/

    This was the first time religious education was fun. I founf my first three best friends here. I also found an interest in choir.
  • Social Control/ Highschool

    As I enetered Highschool I felt more pressure from home to avoid deviant behavior. The more extreem social control continued through three of my four years of highschool. It still exsists on a smaller scal today.
  • Hirshi's social control theory (attachment)

    During times when I wanted to be more diviant than I usually was I oftan hesitated because of my attachment to my parents whom I did not want to disapoint.
  • Self Reliance/Driving and Work

    This happened as I started making money for myself and being responsible for my own transportation.
  • Diviance/ I was finally deviant!

    Skipped class for the first and last time of my highschool life. I also wasn't guilted into telling my parents. I don't plan to make this a habbit though ...too much stress.
  • Hardwork/ Matterial sucsess/ Graduation

    As we graduate we are told that if we continue to work hard at education we will get respectable jobs that pay well so that we can have mattierial sucess and THEN we will be happy...
    So maybe thats not true, but I plan to work hard at being happy even if I don't ever that the money or all the matterial possesions that America says will make me happy.