1700's Inventions, Kiree

  • •Jethro Tull

    invents the seed drill.
    Th e seed drill was invented to make planting more easier as well as making it quicker
  • •Bartolomeo Cristofori

    invents the piano.
  • •Englishmen, John Shore

    vents the tuning fork.
  • •Thomas Newcomen

    patents the atmospheric steam engine.
  • •Edmond Halley

    invents the diving bell.
  • •French C. Hopffer

    patents the fire extinguisher.
  • •Gabriel Fahrenheit

    invents the first mercury thermometer.
  • •John Kay

    invents the flying shuttle.
  • •E.G. von Kleist

    invents the leyden jar, the first electrical capacitor.
  • •Benjamin Franklin

    invents the lightening rod.
  • •Samuel Johnson

    publishes the first English language dictionary on April 15th after nine years of writing. In the preface Samuel Johnson wrote, "I am not so lost in lexicography as to forget that words are the daughters of earth, and that things are the sons of heaven."
  • •John Campbell

    invents the sextant.
  • •Dolland

    invents a chromatic lens.
  • •Englishmen, John Harrison

    invents the navigational clock or marine chronometer for measuring longitude.
  • •James Hargreaves

    invents the spinning jenny.
  • •Joseph Priestley

    invents carbonated water - soda water
  • •Richard Arkwright

    patents the spinning frame.
  • •James Watt

    invents an improved steam engine.
  • •Georges Louis Lesage

    patents the electric telegraph.
  • •Alexander Cummings

    invents the flush toilet
  • jacques Perrier

    invents a steamship.
  • •David Bushnell

    invents a submarine.
  • •Samuel Crompton

    ts the spinning mule.
  • •Benjamin Franklin

    invents bi-focal eyeglasses.
  • •Gervinus

    invents the circular saw.
  • •Louis Sebastien

    demonstrates the first parachute.
  • •Benjamin Hanks

    patents the self-winding clock
  • •The Montgolfier brothers

    invent the hot-air balloon.
  • •Englishmen, Henry Cort

    invents the steel roller for steel production.
  • •Andrew Meikle

    invents the threshing machine.
  • •Joseph Bramah

    invents the safety lock.
  • •Edmund Cartwright

    •Edmund Cartwright invents the power loom.
  • •Claude Berthollet invents chemical bleaching

    •Claude Berthollet invents chemical bleaching
  • •Charles Augustus Coulomb

    •Charles Augustus Coulomb invents the torsion balance.
  • •Jean Pierre Blanchard

    •Jean Pierre Blanchard invents a working parachute.
  • •John Fitch

    •John Fitch invents a steamboat.
  • •The guillotine

    •The guillotine is invented.
  • •The United States

    •The United States issued its first patent to William Pollard of Philadelphia for a machine that roves and spins cotton.
  • •John Barber

    •John Barber invents the gas turbine. Early bicycles invented in Scotland.
  • •William Murdoch

    •William Murdoch invents gas lighting.
  • the first ambulance.

    the first ambulance.
  • •Eli Whitney patents the cotton gin.

    •Eli Whitney patents the cotton gin.
  • •Welshmen, Philip Vaughan

    •Welshmen, Philip Vaughan invents ball bearings.
  • •Francois Appert

    •Francois Appert invents the preserving jar for food.
  • •Edward Jenner

    •Edward Jenner creates a smallpox vaccination.
  • •Wittemore

    •Wittemore patents a carding machine.
  • •A British inventor, Henry Maudslay

    •A British inventor, Henry Maudslay invents the first metal or precision lathe
  • •The first soft drink invented.

    •The first soft drink invented.
  • •Aloys Senefelder invents lithography.

    •Aloys Senefelder invents lithography.
  • •Alessandro Volta

    •Alessandro Volta invents the battery.
  • •Louis Robert

    •Louis Robert invents the Fourdrinier Machine for sheet paper making.