The Myers and Lane Experience

  • Balfour Declaration

    Balfour Declaration
    The British government issued Balfour Declaration in the form of a letter to a British Zionist leader. The letter was written by Arthur J. Balfour.
  • Arabs vs Jews

    Arabs vs Jews
    The Arab Delegation refused to meet with Jewish counterpart or recognize them.
  • UN Partition Plan

    UN Partition Plan
    An estimated 150-200 persons launched a raid against two towns. The raid lasted 1 hour and killed 60 people. The raid withdrew at 2 in the morning. The UN made a plan, didn''t implement it which results in war. November 29-Great Britiain left the job up to the UN.
  • 1st Arab-Israeli War

    1st Arab-Israeli War
    War wages on, Arabs cut off routes and attack Jerusalem.
  • Israel Founded

    Israel Founded
    Proclaim of Israel, Independence declared.
  • Palestinian Refugees

    Palestinian Refugees
    Due to the destruction of the war over 750,000 refugees fled to the Gaza Strip , West Bank and other Arab countries like Syria , Lebanon, Jordan and others..
  • Curfew in Kufr Qasim

    Curfew in Kufr Qasim
    New curfew was set in Kufr Qasim. An officer told the mayor that his soldiers would take care of the 400 men that wouldn'tmake it back in time due to work. At the end of this, there were 49 victims.
  • The P.L.O.

    The P.L.O.
    The Palestine Liberation Organization is founded in Cairo with Ahmad Shuqeiri as its leader. Even though Ahmad Shuqeiri is the official leader, the organization is more or less controlled by the Egyptian government.
  • Recognition of the P.L.O.

    Recognition of the P.L.O.
    The P.L.O. is recognized as the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people.
  • Israil Invasion of Lebanon

    Israil Invasion of Lebanon
    Israeli forces invade Lebanon in hopes of driving out the PLO. They win.
  • Intifada

    New phase of relations between Israel and Palestine with the first intifada.
  • OSLO 1

    OSLO 1
    Aftersecret negotiations, Yitzak Rabin and Yasser Arafat signed a peace agreement. Israel gave Palestinian self-rule, first in the Gaza Strip and Jericho, and later in other areas of the West Bank.
  • Yitzhak assassinated

    Yitzhak assassinated
    Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin assassinated in Tel Aviv by an extremist.
  • Camp David

    Camp David
    Camp David summit that attempts to bring peace between Israil and Palestine fails.
  • West Bank Wall

    West Bank Wall
    Construction begins on the West Bank Wall, which was controversial because: (i) is an illegal attempt to annex Palestinian land under the guise of security (ii) violates international law (iii) has the intent or effect to pre-empt final status negotiations and (iv) severely restricts Palestinians who live nearby, particularly their ability to travel freely within the West Bank and to access work in Israel, thereby undermining their economy.
  • Blast

    Eight killed in gaza plast. Israel blames Hamas, Hamas blame Israel.