Movement West

By cate
  • Leave Pennsylvania for Journey out West

    with 3-4 months of supplies
  • Period: to

    Moving West

  • Up the Appalachian Mountains

    Challenging climb, horses struggled, 5 oldest had to walk
  • Blizzard in North Western West Virginia

    killed one horse, we had to sell some supplies to buy a new horse
  • Bad Thunderstorm

    slows trip, wheel broke on wagon and we have to replace it
  • Robbers

    take blankets and food, in North Eastern Tennessee
  • Mississippi River crossing

    Indian ferry to help cross, Clara Beth falls into the water
  • Make it to Oklahoma

    two days before the land grab races, are at the place they start
  • West land grab in Oklahoma starts

    horse drawn wagon, Transcontinental Railroad was too expensive
  • Make our Claim of Land

    Near a stream, Mid Oklahoma area, but away from railroad
  • Start Building Our House

    while building, we lived in a dugout in a nearby hill
  • Start Planting Crop

  • Finish Sod House

  • Twister

    destroys newly built house
  • Finished fixing house

  • Crop harvest is abundant and healthy

  • Linda gets sick

    with pnemonia
  • Linda dies

  • Twister

    devastates crops and supplies, lose money
  • Billy becomes a cowhand

    he leaves the house to make money for the family, he seasonally works
  • Twister

    supplies needed, but crops still in decent condition
  • Drought begins

    destroys most crops, enough for survival, tight on money and supplies
  • Clara Beth goes to housekeep

    House keepers were in high demand in the West, we needed more money coming in because of the drought, she would come home every other weekend for four days, one and a half for travel
  • Drought ends

  • Blizzard

    5 feet for 10 days, for fun we read books and the Bible, we danced, and made music
  • Plant crop

  • Small Twister

    crops fine, a few supply items broken
  • Picnic with neighbors

    what we do for fun
  • Abundant Crop

  • Plant Crop

  • Indians attack, but we make peace

    we invite them to eat, they tell us of the old lush Great Plains and how the railroad and too many settlers like us are destroying their culture, how buffalo was their religion and food source and the settlers just killed them, and of the Dawes Severalty Act which is taking away more of their land and trying to assimilate them into our culture
  • Good crop in abundance

  • Clara comes home for good

  • Billy ends cowhand career

    he comes back home
  • Plant crop

  • Billy gets married

    to a neighbor woman named Lydia
  • Abundant Crop

    prices of crops drops, but farm is managing well
  • Clara Beth gets married

    to John Miller
  • Billy and Lydia have a baby

    It's a boy named Edward after my late husband
  • Twister

    ruins home, but crops and supplies are decent
  • Start rebuilding house

  • Plant crop

  • Finish fixing the house

  • Officially own the homestead