11IPT - Term2

By aogrady
  • Chapter 2

    Chapter 2
    Web pages that suckIf you haven't started reading yet. Do pges 30-31 and answer the Activity questions 2,4 and 5.
  • In class

    DO VB. You should be rapidly making your way through the work in the folder (as some of this is repeating the small basic concepts)
  • Period: to

    Term 2

    Work to be completed this term.
  • Tuesday Double

    OK...in class today do more VB tutorials.

    At home start writing up your assisgnment. I needs to be in report genre and formal third person.

    Do three paragraphs - Identify your game, genre and audience. Start on the screen design using the user interface therory you learnt in chapter 2. IF YOU GET STUCK EMAIL ME.
  • Wednesday

    In class more VB....email me if you are stuck. I will come and answer your problems. If you are stuck...work on the psuedo code for your project OR do more chapt 2. Homework tonight. Project and pp.32-35 of text answer ql. 1,2,3
  • Friday

    I'm in class with you...so have all your questions ready and we will prepare a timeline for you to manage the development of your project DO the psuedo code for your project over the weekend.
  • Monday Double

    Monday Double
    Jeff HanMORE VB in class...can you dim variables, set up a module, can you pass variable from one to another...what is the difference beteen local and global variables. Homework...chpt 2.p. 41 forms of UI - 44 q. 1,2, 3

    For interest (GEEK) visit TED and search for Jeff Hans interface.
  • Wednesday

    VB- have you tried an array? Can you write code that works. Remember that comments are really important.
    THIS IS YOUR LAS WEEK OF PRACTISE Homework...Have you finished your psuedo code? Next READ p 50-55...MODIFY your user interface if you need to before you start building next week.
  • Homework

    Check out which version of VB we are using and then download the trial version so you can code at home.
  • Week 5

    Week 5
  • Period: to


    Program and test your code.
    Remeber to BUILD what you PLANNED
    Remember to COMMENT YOUR CODE
    Remember the code/program build stage is only one third.
  • Week 6

    Week 6
    Are you half way through your code?
    What methods are you using to trouble shoot it? Have you used google to help? Desk check? Help desk?
  • Report

    How is your report coming along.,..you need to document the process.
  • Week 7

    Week 7
    Start writing your evaluation.
  • Period: to


    Write a quality evaluation addressing product and process. Remember 1 topic per paragraph, with each paragraph having a topic sentence and supporting evidence, followed by a clincer. After your evaluation ...write a conclusion.

    Submit your assignment to s student uploads.
  • Period: to


    Make sure your stimulus and make a time with me to do the essay in week nine.
  • Unseen Essay

    90 minute response to stimulus...nominally on this day...but we will set a time in accordance with your exam timetable.