My Lifeline

  • Birth

    Born at 8:28 A.M. in Adelaide Hospital
  • Moved

    Re-located to the Gold Coast
  • School

    Began my schooling life at St Andrews Lutheran College
  • Delta Goodrem's Debut

    Releasing her first album, Innocent Eyes
  • First Pet

    Received my very first pet, Delta the cat
  • Singing

    Began very first singing lessons
  • Uncle Craig's Accident

    My Uncle's skydiving accident
  • Imogene Richards

    Became best friends with Immie
  • Japan Tour

    First time overseas with the school Japanese trip
  • Taylor Swift

    Saw Taylor Swift with Riley & Grace
  • Depression

    Diagnosed with depression
  • Soundwave

    Went to Soundwave for the second time with Riley & Grace