Mr. Gustavson - An Academic and Professional History

  • Birth

    The fire was similar to this one in 2009.I was born in Grants Pass, Oregon. My Dad was working on a forest fire.
  • High School Graduation

  • College Graduation

  • 1st year Teaching

    Kokkola, Finland A unique thing about me is my first teaching post. I had a friend who did some student teaching through an overseas exchange program. She told me the school was looking ofr teachers. I had no job, and the adventure was hatched!
  • I began teaching in Cove, Oregon

    Cove During my first year of teaching in America I was busy with my 5th grade class as well as with the Football and Track teams I coached. It was a fun, busy time. Now my schedule has morphed into four hours a day with sixth graders, an hour a day with 8th graders and an hour a day with high scholers. It is challenging to have so many casses to prep for but I enjoy the diversity of the schedule.
  • 6th Grade

    In 2000 I began teaching in the 6th grade. Essentially this is the same position I have now.
  • Art

    In 2005 I began teaching HS Art for one hour a day (when my 6th graders go to PE) It is an interesting switch and I enjoy working with the older students. I took the title photo as an example of a lighting assignment I gave these students.
  • Began Masters Degree