World War one

  • Archduke Francis ferdinad assassination

    The assassination of Francis ferdinad from a serbian Nationalist, made Austria-Hungry declare war on Serbia, which made the Russia declare war of Austria-Hungry. this event started the world war one.
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    World war one

  • Austria declared war on Serbia

    This action by Austria-Hungry made the Russian and Germany join, and the great war that lasted four years started.
  • Germany invaded France

    The German invading france during world war one, changed the way allie forces view Germany, now Germany was a big threat. this was a big jump for Germany during the great war.
  • Italy decared war on Germany and Austria

    Italy which at the begaining was with the central power, but release that the central power wouldn't give them the port that their wanted so they changed sides.
  • Conscription introduced in Britain

    During world war one the british decided to join the war, but when things weren't going their way, some people were rebelling saying they did not want to be a part of this war.
  • The first use of tanks

    The use of thank during the great war, was a big improvement in military technology, which was one of the deadliest weapons during the war.
  • U.S.A declared war on Germany

    During the war the united states did not choose side, but when Germany bomded US submarine, the US decited to declare war on Germany
  • Britain captured Jerusalem

    The captured of Jerusalem by the britain form the turks, wasn't know by the british general as a crusade beacause many of the soldiers were islamic.
  • Germany Signed an armistice with the allies

    The signing of the armistice by the German was known as the official date end of world war one.
  • The Treaty of Versailles

    After the surrendered of Germany, the Treaty of Versailles signed by germany brought peace and the end of world war one.