Friends of Della and Don - 5 Years On

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  • Tsunami hits Sri Lanka

    Tsunami hits Sri Lanka
    Boxing Day 2004 and the Tsunami hits the west coast of Sri Lanka where Don and I were holidaying Read more...
  • First visit back to Sri Lanka

    First visit back to Sri Lanka
    We returned to Sri Lanka for the first time after the Tsunami at the end of March. Read more...
  • August 2005 Trip

    August 2005 Trip
    This time Don stayed home and I went with my niece Hannah. We met our fisherman Colin and his partner Udayah. It was nearing the end of the first Monsoon which meant that although the sea was quite rough they could fish most days from a village between Ratmalana and Colombo. Sometimes they let the boat out to other fishermen and shared the price of the catch. Read more...
  • Anniversary Trip

    Anniversary Trip
    Don and I returned to Sri Lanka for the Anniversary of the Tsunami. It meant that after the build up to Christmas we missed it completely as we spent it in the air.

    On the morning of December 26th at 9.40 a.m. (the exact time that the Tsunami had hit Sri Lanka the year before) we joined the staff and guests of the Mount Lavinia Hotel, lit oil lamps and observed 3 minutes silence. It was very emotional for all of us. <a href='' >Read more...<
  • 2nd Anniversary Trip

    2nd Anniversary Trip
    A brief report of our 2nd Tsunami Anniversary return trip to Sri Lanka. We arrived in the very early hours of a surprisingly grey and damp Christmas morning. One look out of the window of the hotel room was enough to make us decide not to leave the room at all that day. That night, we starting hearing about the "terrible disease"from which people were suffering. Chikungunya is a horrible debilitating disease which is carried by the Tiger Mosquito.
  • September 2007 Trip

    September 2007 Trip
  • March 2008

    March 2008
    This time, Don and I returned to Sri Lanka with our friend Barbara. We provided new uniforms for the children at the school and took the orphaned girls out to the beach for the day. The children also viewed the first-ever FODAD video!
  • 4th Anniversary Trip

    4th Anniversary Trip
  • Registered Charity Status

    Registered Charity Status
    The Friends of Della and Don becomes a UK Registered Charity and gets to grips with Facebook.
  • Summer 2009 trip

    Summer 2009 trip