Carolyn Hasselkus

  • I was born.

    I started to see the world upsidown as images entered my retnas upsidown and my brain could not yet turn them right side up. Fantastic.
  • My hair started growing snakes.

    I'm Medusa's daughter.
  • I moved to Wisconsin

    from Maryland, if this was nessecary information.
  • I flew a jet to Monte Carlo.

    And yes i did actually fly the jet. Like i drove it pressed all the buttons. Yeah and everyone died. It was just excellent.
  • My sister was born

    And she saw the world upsidown through her immature brain and retnas. Wahoo.
  • I adopted a crocodile.

    LEGALLY. What now those who own dogs. I have a crocodile, whi CAN stick his tongue out. Hear that other crocodiles? Yeah! Morton can stick his tongue out!
  • I spent a nice day on the nile river with Morton (my pet crocodile)

    He ate my left had which i got replaced with a wrench.