Kyle's Life

By kyle22
  • Birth

    Day I was born
  • Moving

    Moved to fitchburg
  • On first birthday got icecream sandwich with a candle and i smooshed it all over my face

  • Big family gathering at our haouse on Thanks-Giving that is now a yearly tradition

  • started going to a new day care called Room To Grow in Verona

  • terrorists crased planes into the World Trade Centers in New York City

  • Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon as a part of the 9/11 attacks

  • First time going to my grandparents house in suothern Illinois without my mom and dad

  • start of the Iraq war

  • First day of kindergarten

  • First St. Louis Cardinals game at the old stadium

    In the old Busch Stadium against the Milwaukee Brewers
  • went on a cruise in th Gulf of Mexico from New Orleans to Playa Del Carmen then to Cozumel and then back to New Orleans

  • First St Louis Cardinals game in the new stadium

    Fist game at the new Busch Stadium
  • First tackle football game i played in

  • First time up in the Gateway Arch in St. Louis

  • Barak Obama was voted the first black president of the United States of America ever

  • First lacroose game that i played in

  • My fifth time going to Branson, Missouri but this time wiithout my parents

  • Sister graduated from Verona Area High School

  • First interception in a football game as a defensive end