History of the Radio(Sean M.)

  • A Sailboat Race

    A Sailboat Race
    In New York Harbor there was a sailboat race call the American Cup. Two boat had radio invented by Heinnich Hertz and Nikola Tesla. This was the first time race watcher could tell what was going on during the race.
  • Edward H. Armstrong

    Edward H. Armstrong
    Edward H. Armstrong worked with amplification which is volume to the receiver. He also invented the radio that you can plug into the wall.
  • Radio Corporation of America

    Radio Corporation of America
    David Sarnoff worked for Radio Corporation of America (R.C.A.). He promoted radio broadcasting. He first broadcasted was at a boxing match. 300,000 listen to it at New York 's Time Square and at theaters.
  • 500,000 Radio Sold a Year

    500,000 Radio Sold a Year
    The cost of radio started going down. R.C.A. and other company sold about 500,000 radios a year.
  • Jack Benny Program

    Jack Benny Program
    Four out of five households had radios. On the radio one of their favorite shows including the Jack Benny Program which had millions of listeners.