Breakfast of Champions

By Yf11
  • Finish Reading

    We have to finsish reading The Breakfast of Champions.
  • Discussion About The Website

    Fedor and I will talk about the different aspects of the book and how we should apply the important events in the website. We are also going to discuss the creativity and layout of the website.
  • Begin Website

    We will already have decided what website carrier to create our website from. We will also start playing around with the website to explore the styles, layouts, and different ways of presenting our information
  • Home and Second Pages

    We will have the good rough drafts of the first 2 pages. It will need revision but we will edit after we accomplish the main objectives of these pages.
  • Rough draft of entire website

    We will have all our pages completed with the necessary information.
  • Design

    We will enhance the sytle and layout so the information can be presented in an interesting way.
  • Peer Editing

    We will share our website wth others so they can give us open advice/criticism.
  • Final Preparations

    Review website and make any final changes.