Iralee's Life

By IJewett
  • I Was Born

    I Was Born
    I was born 4:19 in the afternoon.
  • Period: to

    My Life

  • George Bush President

    George Bush was elected president.
  • 9/11

    The twin towers were crashed into.
  • Afghanistan Invasion

    932 U.S. soldiers killed.
  • First time horseback riding

    First time horseback riding
    It was my first time on a horse and I fell in love with horses.
    (day is an estimate)
  • Ronald Reagan death

    Former president Ronald Reagan passes.
  • Hurricane Katrina

  • Hershey Chocolate Factory

    Hershey Chocolate Factory
    My brothers and I went to the Hershey Factory in Pennsylvania together. It'd smelled so great there.
  • First Iowa Football Game

    First Iowa Football Game
    I remember it was very hot outside but I really started to understand football that day. It was just me and my daddy.
  • First Time getting Nails Done

    First Time getting Nails Done
    Getting my nails done for the first time might not seem like a big deal but it was to me.
  • Obama President

    Obama President
    Barack Obama was elected president. The first african american president.
  • Started Team Gymnastics

    Started Team Gymnastics
    It was my first day being on my gymnastics team. I had just moved up to level 4.
  • First Time out of the Country (Mexico)

    First Time out of the Country (Mexico)
    My family and I went to Mexico for 2 weeks for summer vacation.
    (day is an estimate)
  • First Gymnastics Meet

    First Gymnastics Meet
    It was my first gymnastics meet ever and I was very nervous. I was a level 4 at the time.
  • Justin Bieber Concert

    Justin Bieber Concert
    It was my birthday and the Justin Bieber concert, doesn't get any better than that!