Mall 024


  • Born

    I was born on Nevember 6, 1995 in Stillwater, OK.
  • Grandma died

    Grandma died
    My moms mom died.
  • First day of Pre-K

    First day of Pre-K
    My very first day of school
  • sister

    My sister was born on August 15, 2005
  • 5th Grade Graduation

    5th Grade Graduation
    I had my 5th grade graduation, I got one of the two presidents awards that were givin out.
  • Grandparents

    I met one set of my grandparents for the first time in Louisiana, and also got to hold a baby alligator.
  • Graduate

    I plan to graduate Highschool on the honor roll and get a scholarship
  • Forensics

    I would like to work in the forensic science field once i have graduated collage.