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texas revolution

  • battle of velasco

    battle of velasco
    The first battle between Texas and Mexico that involved bloodshed.more
  • fredonian Rebellion

    fredonian Rebellion
    The Edward brothers took a fort in Nacadoches and when the the Mexicans found out about this they took 110 infantrymen to nacadoches which scared the Edwards brothers away.more
  • Mier y Teran Report

    Mier y Teran Report
    A report that states mier and teran's suggestions.more
  • Law of April 6, 1830

    Law of April 6, 1830
    designed to stop immigration from texas to mexico.more
  • Conflict at Anahuack

    Conflict at Anahuack
    This was a protest of custom duties on incoming goods from the U.S. at the port in Anahuac, William Travis and Patrick Jack were arrested.more
  • Turtle Bayou Resolutions

    Turtle Bayou Resolutions
    A set of reolutions made by rebels on the turtle bayou.more
  • The Convention of 1833

    The Convention of 1833
    A convention made to reject the resolutions of the convention of 1832.more
  • Stephen F. Austin Gets Arrested

    Stephen F. Austin Gets Arrested
    Stephen F. Austin told vice president Farias "to remedy them themselves, without waiting any longer on the ground that self-preservation rendered such a step necessary, and would justify it."
    This was taken as a threat and Austin was thrown in jail. more
  • battle of gonzales

    battle of gonzales
    100 mexican men were sent to take a cannon from texans but in return the Texans held a flag that said "come and take it" and fired at the mexicans.more
  • Battle of San Antonio

    Battle of San Antonio
    The Texans had a siege on the Mexicans when they were low on ammunition.more
  • The Convention of 1836

    The Convention of 1836
    fifty-four delegates met at washington-on-the-brazos.more
  • Texas Declaration of Independence

    Texas Declaration of Independence
    This declaration was made overnight because of the urgency produced by the siege on the Alamo. more
  • battle of the alamo

    battle of the alamo
    A thirteen day siege on the texans by the mexicans.more
  • runaway scrape

    runaway scrape
    settlers ran eastward to escape the mexican army but when news came about the battle of san jacinto the settler quickly returned the their homes.more
  • Battle of coleto creek

    Battle of coleto creek
    Texans were surrounded in the open and surrendered but Santa Anna had them executed.more
  • The Goliad massacre

    The Goliad massacre
    The captured Texans from Goliad were split up in to three groups and show by Santa Anna's men.more
  • treaties of velasco

    treaties of velasco
    The treaties of velasco was a set of treaties with a secret and public treaty.more