Our Life Together

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  • Wedding Day!

    Wedding Day!
    Josh and I will get married at Mill Creek Golf Club in Geneva, IL, then spend our wedding night at the Drake Hotel in Chicago.
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    Our Life Together

  • Moving In Together

    Moving In Together
    This weekend we're moving in together! Our first apartment together will be in Alexandria, VA.
  • Hawaiian Honeymoon!

    Hawaiian Honeymoon!
    Josh and I will be traveling to Oahu, Hawaii for our honeymoon. We'll see all the Pearl Harbor sites with Sam and Abbi, get a couples' massage, take a submarine ride, and lounge on the beaches of Waikiki.
  • NYC Trip!

    NYC Trip!
    Josh and I are taking a 4-day weekend trip up to NYC. We'll see the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, and many more exciting sights!
  • Josh Starts College!

    Josh Starts College!
    Josh starts college this fall! He's going to study to be a high school history teacher.
  • Josh Graduates From College!

    Josh Graduates From College!
    YAY! Josh will graduate and become a high school history teacher!
  • Starting Our Family!

    Starting Our Family!
    In June of 2016, Josh and I will begin trying to start our family. =)