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    Digipak Timeline

    Here is the timeline for my Digipak which includes how I created each image and what I did with it after I created it.
  • Posted to Blogger

    Posted to Blogger
    Throughout creating the digipak I have posted all my work on blogger as well as for the main task and web page.
  • Researching CD Covers

    Researching CD Covers
    Today we began creating the digipak, and we firstly started by researching different CD covers for my genre and comparing them. We used google to collect three CD covers that we felt were memerable. This was an advantage as it gave us access to any images in the world, therefore there was always a way of finding what we wanted to find. The disadvantage was that sometimes the internent was down so we had no access at all. We solved this by describing the image or using a phone to get the images.
  • Designing Masks

    Designing Masks
    We then wanted to create a band so we could have some images to use on the digipak. We therefore created each mask and posted it onto our blog by using photo booth. This allowed us to take a straight picture from a webcam on the mac and putting it straight onto our desktop, allowing us to upload to our blog. The only disadvantage was that sometimes it would save the image in an unknown place. Once this was sorted and we knew where each image was stored it worked well.
  • Drawn Plan

    Drawn Plan
    We then created a digipak plan by sketching onto a layout of a digipak of what we would want on our digipak. Once we drew it we once again used photo booth to take a still of it and post it onto our blogs.
  • Band Images

    Band Images
    We next took images of our band wearing the masks and we did this by using my 14 megapixel camera which would produce us with the best quality image. This was comparing to a mobile phone camera or using the video cameras and picking out stills. This would of taken alot more time whereas the camera I could just take the image and then upload it to the computer where I could then edit it.
  • Use of gimp

    Use of gimp
    I then began to create my images for my digipak which included the front cover, back cover, inside left, inside right and spine. I decided to use gimp because it was a free software which allowed me to use many effects which other paid softwares would allow me to use. I also didn't need access to the internet to use it so even if the internet was down I could still work. The only disadvantage was it took a while to get used to.
  • Google images

    Google images
    I used google to get images that are sometimes seen on a digipak of my genre. for example the 'Parental Consent' image and a barcode. These I found on youtube and then pasted onto gimp, onto my digipak.
  • Digipak created

    Digipak created
    Here is my final digiplan. I got the layout of the digipak off of the media blog where lots of notes are stored. Once I got the layout I put pasted each image I created into the corrext space, saved, then posted one again onto my blog.
  • Posting onto my Web Page

    Posting onto my Web Page
    I then posted my front conver onto iweb so I could upload it to my web page. This way it wuld advertise all of my work in one place. It also would make the web page look more professional as research should advertisement of cds etc on music websites.
  • Using timetoast

    Using timetoast
    We then used timetoast to answer this evaluation question, however on the blog it has some problems showing up, therefore I hasd to insert the links to the site aswell to see it properly. It also limited you to how much you could write for each post which was annoying. These were the only disadvatage of using this.