Main Task - Music Video

  • Research of conventions

    Research of conventions
    We firstly began our long journey of creating our music video by using to research on conventions of music videos as we needed to see what music videos were most memerable to us. This is when I thought of Will Youngs 'Hopes and Fears' video where he was pregnant. We felt youtube was a good piece of technology to use as it allowed us access into looking at specific videos, and gave us information on what the video may be about, and links to other videos.
  • Internet

    We use safari internet access alot in our journey through making the music video as it gave us alot of gate ways into looking at music videos on youtube, giving us information about band genres, supplying us with shopping, etc. The only disadvantage of using this was that sometimes it would lose connection so we wouldn't be able to access the internet so we'd have to wait till next lesson. But overall it was quicker than looking up information in books or writting our blogs on paper.
  • Period: to

    Music Video

    This is my main task timeline showing the process of creating my music video.
  • Analyses of genres

    Analyses of genres
    Then we used youtube and a website called slideshare to create an analyses of music genres. I picked the video of 3oh3!'s 'Don't Trust Me' as it produced lots of different shots to analyse and show how the rock genre made a music video look. I then created a slideshow in slideshare to show each shot I had found and why it was interesting or a good idea. Slideshare was a good site to use as it allowed me to upload it onto my blog. Took a while to upload which was a problem but worked out ok.
  • Choosing the Track

    Choosing the Track
    We all come up with ideas for what song to use for our main task and after long discussions we decided on our chosen one of Hollywood Undead's 'Paradise Lost'. We then used youtube to listen to the song, collect the lyrics and copied the URL and pasted it into a website called which allows you to change a youtube clip into a song. This was a great website to use as this meant we didnt have to buy it off of for example itunes as this website was free. Disadvantage - might not legal.
  • Audience Profile

    Audience Profile
    We then produced a survey on a website called which allowed us to use other websites and social networking sites to get people to fill in the survey online and quickly. The questionnaire was to collect information about our target audience, to see who we were aiming to create our music video for and what they would expect a rock video to be like. This piece of tech was good as people found it quicker to fill in the questionnaire on the internet than they did on paper.
  • Audience Profile

    Audience Profile
    We also used wordle to find out which word was used most in the questionnaire to see what was most popular. The only down side to using this site was that it picked up all words that people may have used such as 'type' and 'of' but it was ok as the most used words that were the biggest were the ones we were expecting to see.
  • Music Ideas

    Music Ideas
    We then produced a paper brainstorm of ideas for our music video... we went back onto the internet and used youtube to search for ideas we had come up with, for example we thought of robotics, machinery etc so we thought of the video 'Put Your Hands Up For Detroit' by Fedde Le Grande.
  • Mood board

    Mood board
    We then created a mood board of what we believed the video would contain, we did this by collecting images off of google and then pasting them into a powerpoint presentation. We then used scribd to be able to put our presentation onto our blogs, we felt we shoulg use this one instead of slideshare as we had trouble in the past with slideshare with slow uploads but this website was fine and had no faults at all.
  • Buying Props

    Buying Props
    After coming up with our final ideas for our video, before filming we needed to get our masks which we would use. Therefore we had to go and purchase them. We could have easily gone to a shop and bought some but this would have come with some difficulties such as what shop would sell masks and we needed a large quantity so instead we looked on amazon and ebay to find the right masks and be able to buy a large quantity. In the end we bought them from amazin as they were cheaper.
  • Model Release Forms

    Model Release Forms
    We then had to create a model release form for the year 7's to sign as we would need permission for them to be in our video. We believed that instead create the forms on paper we would use Microsoft Word, this way we could produce a professional letter, insert our logo, create vast copies and make it in quicker time.
  • Filming Day 1

    Filming Day 1
    We began our filming by getting our students and masks working for an hour using the HD Camera. As we only ad this camera for one hour we only managed to do the scenes where all of the children were involved. Once we picked our main character we organised our next day whilst we continued filming for another hour whilst using the Sony Handcam Cameras to film our CCTV footage around the school. We thought this was better to use them cameras for them shots as they has use less quality.
  • Filming Day 2

    Filming Day 2
    We then continued our filming which included our main character completing the rest of the scenes. For today we shot all of our footage on the HD camera and this was a good thing because we shot it in the best quality possible. the only disadvantage of using this was that it would in future make it hard to edit in final cut as the quality would be to high for the macs.
  • Upload to Final Cut

    Upload to Final Cut
    After filming all of our footage we then uploaded all of our footage onto Final Cut Express. This is alot better than working on imovie which we had previously worked on as Final Cut is alot easier to use and understand. It also allowed us to use more effects such as the earthquake tool. The only disadvantage when using this software was that it kept jumping when we tried to view our footage as it wasn't used to using such high quality footage. We used this for many weeks whilst editing.
  • Using blogger

    Using blogger
    Throughout the editing process all of my group updated our blogs with what was happening and how the editing was going. We also put our progressions of our filming and our other work to do with the Digipak and the Webpage.
  • Adding Title to Video

    Adding Title to Video
    Coming to the end of our editing process we then used a software called Live Type which allowed us to insert the title of the song, band, album and company name at the beginning of the video and at the end. We wanted to do this as on music channels this happens to notify the viewer what song it is and who its by. The advantage of this was that it made our video look professional but the disadvantage was that we had to put the text in specific areas of the video so you could read the writing.
  • Exporting the Video

    Exporting the Video
    After finally completing all of the editing and exporting the video we posted it on youtube so that it was possible to put the video onto our web pages that we also created. It also is a good opportunity for people to leave comments on what they think of the video which will help us with feedback.
  • Using time toast

    Using time toast
    We then used timetoast to answer this evaluation question, however on the blog it has some problems showing up, therefore I hasd to insert the links to the site aswell to see it properly. It also limited you to how much you could write for each post which was annoying. These were the only disadvatage of using this.