Texas shaking hands with usa

Ten Years a Nation-Ian Raybon

By iraybon
  • Archives War

    Archives War
    Archives War
    Following Mexican depredations into Texas in 1842, President Sam Houston deemed the still-frontier town of Austin to be in danger of falling into enemy hands. He therefore ordered the removal of the seat of government, as well as all of its records, from Austin to Houston.
  • Sam Houston

    Sam Houston
    Sam Houston becomes the first president of Texas.
  • Alamo

    Alamo After losing San Antonio to the Texans during the Siege of Bexar, Mexican General Santa Anna determined to retake this key location and at the same time impress upon the Texans the futility of further resistance to Mexican rule.
  • Texas Gains Indepence From Mexico

    Texas Gains Indepence From Mexico
    Texas IndependenceTexas Independence
    The Texas Declaration of Independence was produced, literally, overnight. Its urgency was paramount, because while it was being prepared, the Alamo in San Antonio was under seige by Santa Anna's army of Mexico.
  • Fort Parker Attacked

    Fort Parker Attacked
    Fort Parker
    a large party of Native Americans, including Comanches, Kiowas, Caddos, and Wichitas, attacked the inhabitants of Fort Parker
  • Texas Recognized as Independ

    Resolution to recognize Texa in the U.S. senate.
  • Texas Adopts New Flag

    Texas Adopts New Flag
    Texas Flag
    Texas Aopts new flag for the republic.
  • Texas Congress First Meets

    Texas Capitols
    Texas congress first mees a decides on the location of the capitol for the republic.
  • Council House Fight

    A Fight breaks out.
  • Battle of Plum Creek

    Battle of Plum Creek
    Texan's push the Comanche to the West.
  • Sam Houston

    Sam Houston
    Sam Houston serves his second term as president.
  • Santa Fe Expedition

    Throughout the period of the Republic of Texas and ending with the Compromise of 1850, Texas claimed a large area to the north and west of its current boundaries. This area included a large stretch of the Santa Fe trail, a lucrative trade route that linked Missouri with the town of Santa Fe in present day New Mexico.
  • Mier Expedition-"Black Bean" episode

    Prisoners in Mexico draw from a bag with black and white beans, the black beans mean that you are to be exicuted, the white means you are safe.
  • Anson Jones

    Anson Jones
    Anson Jones is sworn into presidency
  • Texas Annextation

    Texas Annextation
    An annexation treaty between the U.S. and Texas is signed.
  • Period: to

    German Imagrants to Texas

    Germans come to Texas from Germany.