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  • Birth of a baby Girl

  • Television

    I started to go to the babysitter after school and watched television regularly for the first time.
  • Phone at Camp

    Phone at Camp
    My family has a summer home in Maine and boy was I excited to get my single long distance phone call when our new rotary was installed!
  • Teen phone

    Teen phone
    I got my own line when I turned 13!
  • First Family Computer

    First Family Computer
    Dad got the family their first computer. A flashy new Apple IIe.
  • My first PC.

    My first PC.
    We got our first desktop PC...a Gateway!
  • First (flip) Cell Phone

    First (flip) Cell Phone
  • Computer Lab Monitor

    Computer Lab Monitor
    Spent time recovering from my illness as a computer lab monitor. This position significantly changed my information access because I was using the internet daily.
  • iMac laptop

    iMac laptop
    Don't get excited. It's just for work.
  • Attend first class at GSLIS

    Attend first class at GSLIS
    My relationship with information will never be the same...
  • iMac

    So pretty!
  • iPhone

    Information at my fingertips. Really.
  • Join Facebook

    Join Facebook
  • iPad

    iPad husband and I have a problem with all gadgets Apple.