New Technologies that have taken root in America since 1953

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    New Technologies

  • First hard disk drive

    First hard disk drive
    Invented by IBM. A hard disk drive is a non-volatile, random access device for digital data. Advantage: You can store data in it. Disadvantage: It runs out of storage.
  • Video Recorder

    Video Recorder
    Charles Ginsburg invented the video recorder. Advantages: Captures live images and memories.
  • Hand held calculator

    Hand held calculator
    The invention of the hand held calculator lets us calculate problems faster and easier.
  • Cash Dispenser (ATM)

    Cash Dispenser (ATM)
    Luther George Simijan has been credited with developing and building the first cash dispenser machine. Advantages: You can get cash whenever you need it. Disadvantage: Leads to fraud!
  • Internet

    Internet is very valuable to us because we can find answers to many questions. It is also used to socialize. A disadvantage is that people get so addicted to it. For example: Facebook!
  • Cellphone!

    Martin Cooper invented the cell phone. Advantages - You can call someone if there is an emergency. Disadvantages - Most people talk on the cell phone while driving which could lead to serious injuries or maybe even death.
  • Rubiks cube

    Rubiks cube
    Advantages: Helps with your logical skills. Disadvantage: not many people can solve unless they cheat. One of the hardest logical games to defeat.
  • Ink jet printer

    Ink jet printer
    Developed by Remington Rand. Advantages: you can have important things or documents printed out quickly. Disadvantages: Paper and ink can be expensive.
  • Artificial Heart

    Artificial Heart
    Dr. Barney Clark. Advantage: a new heart if needed Disadvantage: Only lasted 112 days.
  • Google

    Larry Page and Sergey Bin invented Google. Google helps us find stuff that we need. A disadvantage is that you may not be able to find accurate results.
  • Ipod!

    Stevie Jobs invented the first ipod. Ipods are very useful to many people. You can use an ipod everywhere you go, for example: Sports, Work, School, etc;
  • Youtube

    Advantages: You get to watch cool videos/music videos. You can also upload videos that you have made. Disadvantages: Mean comments and inappropriate videos.